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Agility Organizations
There are a number of organizations that sanction agility competitions and offer titles. You can find information about most of them online.
United States Dog Agility Association -- USDAA Home Page
Information on USDAA, including upcoming events, and approved judges.
North American Dog Agility Council -- NADAC Home Page
The official homepage from NADAC. Rules, lists of events and clubs, stuff to buy, and more! The current
exhibitors handbook can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.
American Kennel Club -- AKC Agility
Official Rules and Regs from AKC
Australian Shepherd Club of America --ASCA Agility
Complete rules and regulations for ASCA agility.
Canine Performance Events-- CPE Home Page
Information on CPE, including rules, upcoming events, and newsletter

Agility Club Listings
Lists of clubs sanctioned to hold trials.

Agility Clubs
On the Clean Run website; List of agility clubs that can be searched by state. There are links for clubs that have Web sites.

Official list of USDAA clubs.

List of clubs from the NADAC homepage.

CPE Clubs
List of clubs from the CPE homepage.

Additional Organizations- Links to Agility Organization from around the world


Ready2Run Agility club in the Reno area-holds NADAC/ASCA and CPE sanctioned trials
Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club holds NADAC/ASCA sanctioned trials
Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club-AKC club in the Reno area-holds AKC sanctioned trials
MDT-AgilityAbility in the Reno/Sparks area-holds NADAC/ASCA sanctioned trials
The Bay Team Agility Club in the San Francisco Bay area-holds USDAA, NADAC/ASCA and CPE sanctioned trials
Haute Dawgs Agility Club in the Sacramento area- holds USDAA, NADAC and CPE sanctioned trials
Tracs Agility Club in the Sacramento area- holds USDAA and AKC sanctioned trial


Agility Ability Dog Agility Central
If you are new to the sport of agility don't miss this site. Anything you can think of having to do with agility is here! The available resources on this site are too numerous to list. There's also links to other agility information on the web.
Clean Run
Online agility store and extensive Info Center which includes search engine for agility events anywhere in the US.
Agility Glossary
This page comes from Clean Run and it defines agility terms from A-Z
The Dogpatch Dog Agility Page
A comprehensive site on agility. General information, FAQs, training, photos, free agility trial record keepers.
Agility FAQ's
This is a page on dogpatch that will have answers to the most frequently asked questions about agility.
Jump for Joy Dog Agility Calendar
A comprehensive listing of upcoming agility events for Nevada, California and Arizona. Well maintained and up to date.


Free Agility Equipment Plans- Numerous plans for constructing your own agility equipment including, jumps, doubles, triples, weaves, tire jumps, tables and more
NTI Global agility equipment. Misc. agility equipment. Excellent prices on tunnels and no shipping charges!
Action K9 High quality agility equipment
Agility Equipment Resources Nice list of numerous online locations to purchase agility equipment
ebay.com -Search for dog agility equipment. New and used agility equipment is ever changing but always available.


I Love Dogs.com Multiple listings for Dog related sites
Doggie Directory.com Canine Service Directory
Dogs at About.com Misc. dog related articles
Dog Events Online. Enter your upcoming dog events online
Clean Run Online store Extensive line of agility related products
Moe toys Online store with many agility motivational and training toys
Petco Pet supplies
Petsmart Pet supplies
PetEdge Pet Supplies
AKC Canine Health Foundation
NetVet Veterinary resource
Morris Animal Foundation
Pet Care rx online Pet Pharmacy
Emergency Dog Links Nice resource with numerous links relating to dog emergencies including first aid, CPR, poisoning, disasters etc. Also has some nice dog links just for fun.
Petfinder.com Search for adoptable pets, shelters and rescue groups. Also nice online Resource library on animal care.
Clean Run Magazine This subscription magazine is considered to be the very best and most current information available on agility.
Agility Action Online Magazine subscription required to access agility articles of all sorts.
Dogsport Online Magazine Articles, training tips, books and more
Welcome to Dog Owner's Guide Online Magazine for all pet and showdog owners
SitStay.com Create Free Online Pedigrees
BestDog fill out a questionnaire on different preferences and traits and the program will come up with the recommended dog breed for you.
Zillion Dog Names Ideas for naming your new dog
Dog Friendly.com Places to go with your dog
Pets Welcome.com Travel Directory for dog friendly accommodations


Nevada Humane Society
Aussie Rescue

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